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Welcome. If you are looking for a voice as bold as our prints or the touch of caribe that gives you that sweet island feeling — look no further. You’ve come to the right place. 

The pandemic may have taken a lot from us in a blink of an eye, but what it hasn't taken is our sense of community and togetherness. While it’s heating up, different cities are opening back up and making plans with your friends— you can STILL be fashion forward at home. 

Or what we would like to call it: Verano en casa. 

The trips to the Caribbean may have come to an abrupt stop but CBNY wanted to bring colour and movement to you. From the vast shades of green to coral to the bold prints and the flowy feels— this gives you a destination even if it’s just inside your house. 

Sit back, sip mimosas and feel great knowing that the summer vibes are still here. Better than ever. 

Welcome to our black owned brand. This blog will highlight our love for all people and showcase our fashion inspired by our rich heritage.

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